Fertilizer and Rain -- Newbee Question

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by loweride, Apr 16, 2005.

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    When do we put fertilizer on our lawn in relation to the rain - before, after, way before, during? How much rain, etc.

    Basic newbee question. We sodded our lawn last summer and now the woman is hounding me to find out when to put the fertilizer on. We bought the fert. at the local farmers Co-op and saved a ton of $, but there aren't "Idiot" instructions for us :help:
  2. Chris Wagner

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    This won't be the first time you'll hear it... but you likely need a license to apply fertilizer or any other pesticide in your state. Yes, even if you are paid to apply stuff you buy at your local Home Depot.

    But, for the benefit of those licensed or interested in the answer, most pre-m and regular granular fertilizer is best watered in... grub control too. Liquid herbicide should "stick" to weeds and so should granular. You can imagine that liquids would do a better job here, but the key is not to wash them off the weeds (don't apply if expecting rain). However, if you can time it, some dew or some rain might help the herbicide "stick" a little more, but again, you shouldn't put it down if you're expecting any rain.

    The best way to apply any fertilizer or herbicide is to read the label.

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