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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Googus, Apr 16, 2013.

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    the georgia test is a joke! its a gov. test. asks crap questions so no a license in ga wont help u. at all. Googus pm me ill help you if you would like
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    The license is just a way to raise revenue, not to educate you. You need it to apply fertilizer (for a fee) as well. As for what to apply check with JD Landscapes, they are usually pretty helpful. Also helps to know what you are trying to kill.
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    I disagree. I don't know how other states tests are but I think the GA test had very relevant questions to do with what we as LCO's will be doing. The test study guides are good "guides" but of course you will need other ways to get educated and the study guide books say that as well.

    When you take classes to keep your credits current you will learn more and can ask questions from the instructors.
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    The thing IS:

    You don't know, what you don't know... ((think about it) :)

    The first responsibility of EDUCATERS of pesticides would be to teach prospective Applicators, the Mode of Action, for these chemicals... but NONE do...
    I was shocked to hear from applicators, the definition/description of the Crab Grass Barrier...

    there are a lot of irresponsible practices and abuse of 'cides going on as a result... :)
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    I'd have to agree, the license is well (and i dislike saying this) a piece of paper that says you can read their study guide and pass their test. It doesn't really give you any kind of hands on exp. in the field. I've seen way too many people that haven't a clue about chemicals and how they work just go in and pass the test with not much effort. We even used to have a situation in my workplace where the manager of the chemical dept. didn't have his cert, but some guy our boss hired out of nowhere did and although the manager without his cert had way more exp. the guy with the license ended up becoming our supervisor and knew absolutely nothing about lawn application. It was a sad time, but we fixed it. :hammerhead:
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    In the study materials it teaches you how the epa became the spa and the food and drug administration, plus many more. And which organization is responsible for patrolling what. And also how to get a new chemical passed into becoming for sale on shelves for the public. Why does one need to know this crap? Also some of the practice questions in the back aren't even covered under the materials. None of this has to do with applying or safety.
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    Because these people were never responsible for the success or failure of anything... TGCL, Scotts and others TELL them what to mandate in gov't and all the gov't clowns need to know is How Much their Vote is worth, dollarwise...

    They are also influencing gov't schools more and more and the results are becoming clear... :)

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