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Hello all-<p>This is my first post in a while, you guys have been keeping this forum great!! My question is what letter do you guys set your lesco fertilizer (rotary) on for 4lb, 5lb or 8lb per thousand. I'm using Lesco fertilizer and the bag says #15 for 4lb, 17 for 5 lb and 20 for 8lb. My problem is that I don't have numbers I have letters. This is the first year with the spreader and I don't have a book for it either. Thanks in advance..<p>Mike <br>Greenkeepers Lawn & Landscape


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Get a guage. One spreader's H is anothers K. So don't go by what someone else's spreader works at, get you some guages.


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Call Lesco at 1-800-321-5325. Ask for technical service. They will give the conversion numbers. They will give you the part number for the guages.

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