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    OK guys, don't beat my up too bad. I'm starting my second year of mow, trim, blow, and go. Not certified for pest, herb, and fert for obvious reasons. I don't know jack about it. I'm strictly maintenance at this point, but wanting to learn and get certified after I get the rest down. I have a question about fert app in my personal yard. 1 acre total, but I just measured the turf area and I get 22,500 sq ft. It is Bermuda so I know it's not time to fert yet, but just checking on my calculations. If I used a basic 10-10-10 fert and want to put down 1lb. of N per 1000 ft. How much product to I need to buy? 10lb bag of product times 22.5 = 225lbs of fertilizer per app. Is this right or am I WAY off? Seems like way too much fert to app at one time. Any help would be greatly appreciated before I destroy my yard.
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    With a fertilizer analysis of 10-10-10 that means that the fertilizer is 10% nitrogen, so each 100 pounds will yield 10 pounds of N. Each 50# bag would contain 5 pounds of nitrogen and if you're aiming at 1 pound of nitrogen per thousand square feet then each bag is going to cover 5,000 square feet. Therefore, 22,500 square feet divided by 5,000 square feet per bag is going to be 4.5 bags times 50# per bag is 225 pounds.

    You are correct, sir!

    Having said that, most every bag of 10-10-10 that I've handled is an all mineral fertilizer, no slow release component. Not so great for turf, especially if you haven't got a lot of notches in your belt.

    I might take a look at your state's cooperative extension service website. There will likely be some very good recommendations for standard fertilization practices in your area.
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    That's two great points about making sure I use slow release and checking with the state agency. Thank you for your time and you knowledge. I really appreciate your help!
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    Im not new to the lawn business but want to get into offering fert apps any info on how to learn this and what to use and when ? any info is helpful

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