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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by JeremySkrocki, Dec 11, 2001.

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    I applied a 16-4-8 Fertilizer to a clients lawn per his request. He has now asked why there are weeds (Minor and very few, yet some) popping up in his yard, and has stated that he requested a 16-4-8 weed & feed fertilizer be used. My question is what can I do to correct this. Can I apply a weed & feed now? It's been about 3 weeks since the application. Any ideas would be helpful.

    Thank you in advance for all your help.:confused:
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    One reason that you have a few more weeds growing, is that you fertilized the weeds! Of COURSE they're going to grow better! As far as him "requesting" "weed and feed", well my only advice there, is to get someone who is certified, licensed, equipped, and knows what they are doing if you want to get rid of them. You put a granular down, and conditions have to be just right. I'm not sure about Florida grasses and weeds, but here in the north, there are only two times a year that this would be effective. I'm sure it's like that down there, too. You may not know this, being new to the industry and all, but in order to apply any type of pesticide, (weed and feed has a herbicide in it) you are required to be licensed and insured. You can still spread regular fertilizers though. When spreading this "weed and feed" (ineffective product, anyway) you can't get any in the beds or anything, because this will kill whatever flowers or anything this dust comes in contact with. Just thought you should know this.;)
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    Thank You Runner

    Chapter 452 Fla. Law. Jeremy with out a pesticide lic you can not apply roundup or any other pesticide. Fla. can give you a $5,000.00 fine if they catch you and elect to.

    Tell your customer if he wants weed control to call a pro. Better yet hook up with a small one or two man operater and have him give you a referral fee. Stay away from the big boys they hire shoesalemen that know less than you.

    Better yet get in school and earn your own lic. easier work and more money. good luck.
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    If you are licensed to apply pesticides, I would spray the weeds, but at three weeks since your last fert. app., I definately wouldn't feed again at this point.

    Bill Craig!

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