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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Impulse, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Impulse

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    I'm new to the lawn business wondering if anyone could recommend when I should apply my first application of fertilizer my lawns are cool season and I'm in the transition zone (Long Island ,New York) if I'm right I have read I should wait til late spring and should not apply when I apply my first round of pre emergant for crabgrass and. Never use a weed and feed for my first app any help would be appreciated thank you and have a great year
  2. Monroe74

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    Chemlawn is out doing apps in February in PA,
    But I normally don't start till mid late march and it's straight Fert for the first one then weed and feed
  3. Chamber143

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    In nc we put ours out in early January (I guess we could wait till late January) and come back with pre emergent in early march. Transition zone as well here
  4. RigglePLC

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    In the north, crabgrass control must be applied about when the first mowing takes place--or maybe when dandelions first bloom. Of course, if you have hundreds of applications to complete--you might need to start a bit early to be sure all are completed. Fertilizer--that is up to you--but you must obey local and state laws. And on sandy soil (you have that, right?), you should omit phosphorus and stay with a high proportion of slow-release nitrogen--say around 70 percent of nitrogen should be slow-release. If your customers demand organic, talk to Barry, and he will advise you relative to Screamin' Green, or if not, the best organic formula for your soil conditions.
  5. twomancrew

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    Maybe if you would get a permit you would know. The learning is free, it's the test cost $ here in IA. Was the best $ I spent by a longshot as a new lawnguy.
  6. PenningsLandscaping

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    New York has really stringent fertilizer laws, and becoming an applicator isn't as easy as it is in most states. I really hope you're certified, because the fines are tremendous and your competition (who pays through the nose to maintain their licenses) will sell you out without a second thought.
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  7. The Turf Guys

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    There are a 100 different variables to consider in your post. Best thing to do is speak with your local Fert Distributor and pick his brain. Usually they are super helpful and their success is tied to yours so they are a great resource. Also contacting your local county extension office would be a good idea.

    Make sure you are fully licensed and insured.

    It will take probably take you 3 years to become pretty good and 5-10 before I would consider you an expert.
  8. Impulse

    Impulse LawnSite Member
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    Thanks to all for your input. Yes, I am certified and licensed in ny and it is very difficult to become licensed. We can not apply fertilizer till April 1 and not past Nov1. To twomancrew... I am certified and went to many classes both for organic and synthetic, many different views from many teachers. You can't put a price on experience that is why I asked the question. Some say not to put down fertilizer till late spring because it will create to much top growth and hence promote disease if applied to early!! Monroe 74 you say chemlawn is applying in February isn't the ground still frozen up there?? Thanks again for your concerns and advice
  9. PenningsLandscaping

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    I can't believe chemlawn does apps in February in pa.
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  10. twomancrew

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    You have more education than me. I did as little as I had to for the 3ot in IA. Matter of fact I got to renew this year.

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