Fertilizer bans

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by South Florida Lawns, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Ric is just multi-tasking.
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    go where the sugar cane is grown if you want to see some good soil.....
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    I have a customer in a new subdivision that was all former groves and they scraped all the black soil out screened it and sold it as topsoil.
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    That is SOP to remove the top soil. The Builder wants to get down to hard packed Marla. Even then the concrete floor slab cracks all to Heck and gone before the framing is finished. The problem comes when don't replace the final fill and grade with a good top soil.

    Interesting enough I have a Canal Neighborhood with the best back yards you can find. The reason is the builder pushed the top soil to the back so he doesn't have to move final fill and grade dirt to the back yard. In the mean time he uses El Crapo for fill on the front and side yards.
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    what r u thoughts on a ol fashion milorganite program. When I was down in FL, that quickly became my favorite product. So much so that I had the fert plants use Milorganite as the filler on my blends. I would think now with the bans that might just be a good program, milorganite a few times a year and done. Thoughts?
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    You said it, Milorganite is a great product and I use it all the time. If you can't topdress, Milorganite is the next best thing. However I don't want to take away from the value of Top Dressing.

    Interesting Fact here in Florida. All of our sewage treat plants sell their solids to Sod Farmers as a Top Dressing. That should tell you something.

    HOWEVER Milorganite is not a Complete Fertilizer and must be supplemented with synthetics.
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    Is it not true that golf courses and farms ( the biggest polluters) are still able to fertilize? What about people who use in-line fertilizing systems with their irrigation? Personally I inject ammonia waste from making biogas and iron phosphate to irrigate my "lawn" which grows thick and green despite growing on rock covered by compost from chipped yard waste. Most of the manure I use for making boigas comes from a friend who raises pigs. The compost left over is far better than milorganite in my opinion.
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    tallrick, bet that pig manure has a nice odor!?!, as far as your other comment about golf courses and farmers being the largest polluters, well I can't speak for farmers, but golf courses are the most watched and scrutinized targets present. each golf course has a huge bulls eye on it. So,,, no, they are not the largest polluters, its John Q. Public doing it himself. Quickly, almost all golf course superintendents can read a fertilizer label and tell you what and how everything is working for them in the soil. Can john Q. public do that? On a 100 acres property with a limited budget for chem and fert you have to be sure everything is working for ya. Nothing to waste!!

    Ric, When I was down there I had a great blend. Sunniland (who I think is the largest blender of Milorganite) blended a sweet blend. It was a 2-0-18 with like 1500 lbs Milorganite and 250 Sulpo Mag and 250 of Murate of Potash, or something like that, and the great part it was like $550/ton. I loved it
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    I would love to buy any Fertilizer for $ 550 a ton right now. At one time Wally World had the best retail price on Milorganite at $ 5.95 a 40 pound bag. If I drove 2 hours to Orlando I could buy 6-2-0 Milorganite for $ 450 a ton at one time. Today $ 11.00 a 40 pound bag is a good price.

    At Present time a Local Recycle yard has 6 year old Tub grinding for $ 5.00 a yard. Fl Landscape had some compost left over and not only delivered to me for free but fill 15 25 gallon container for me. I planted Tomatoes, Cumbers, Bell Peppers, and several Melons all with out fertilizer. They all did extremely well and I am super happy with lack of sand and organic contend of that compost. The supply is large because it comes from the Hurricane Charlie Clean up.
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    Just make me a feesh salad and we will call it even:laugh: Actually it was left over from a doctor client of yours that you reffered me to so I was happy to give it to you.

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