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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by J Berry, Jan 28, 2001.

  1. J Berry

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    New to business was wondering what fertilizer brand
    everyone uses. I don't have a Lesco near by (not even sure if there is one in the state) but there is a home depot 1 hour away, the closes is a blue seal grain store that sells Scott's and probally their brand of stuff. Also do you need any sort of license to apply general lawn fertilizer???

    Thanks for any information
    Grass Tender's Lawn Service
  2. I have used different brands in the past, Farmer's Co-op varieties, Lowe's, and some Scott's. Looking to use Lesco this year due to better price on the product than the others.

    You can call Lesco to see if there is one in your area. Call them at 1-800-321-5325 and they can tell you where the closest one is and usually supply you with the number.

    On the license question, check with your state Department of Agriculture, they usually regulate these types of license.
  3. TGCummings

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    I use the Scott's line of fertilizers, since it's prominently sold at Orchard Supply and Home Depot in my area. No Lesco to be found (never heard of it before LawnSite, to be frank. ;) ).

    Normally, you only need an applicator's license to apply fertilizers with pesticide or herbicide control in it, so you shouldn't have a problem applying normal granular fertilizers. Still, check with your Dept of Ag as Davis suggested, just in case...

  4. John DiMartino

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    Lesco,United horticulture supply and Scotts.
  5. kutnkru

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    Lesco and Lebanon

  6. lawman

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  7. moonarrow

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    I uses Sustain and Greensand organic ferts.
  8. dhicks

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    I use Lesco and it works for me and my customers. I would like to try the Scotts professional line if I could find it in my area.
  9. JimLewis

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    The best selling fertilizer in the NW is Best's "Turf Supreme". It is wonderful stuff. 1 50 lb. bag costs about $10 wholesale and will do a good 5 lawns in this area. It works wonders. We use it in the spring, summer and fall almost exclusively. The one drawback is that it's almost all quick release, so you have to apply every 4-5 weeks. But it produced the same results that you'd get with one liquid fert. application (e.g. Chemlawn).

    In the winter, we use other Best products like "Autumn K" and if a lawn really needs a boost we use "Nitra King" which is the most fast acting, high N2, fertilizer I've ever seen. It will green up a lawn and produce vigerous growth within a week or two. It is only used in the cool season though. All quick release.

    Best has a web site but some of it is still under construction. http://www.fertilizer.com/best/product_pages/bestturf_sprmlf.html

    I highly recommend their fertilizers. It's worth checking into who carries these around your area. For the money, there's no beating it. In the early days we used to buy 20 lb. bags of Scotts (ick!) for $15 - $20 and it would work on 1-3 lawns. Now we pay $10 for 50 lbs. of Turf Supreme and not only is it a vastly superior fertilizer, it's 3 times more cost effective.
  10. bob

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    One stop shopping at Lesco. Also you guys that don't have a Lesco near you, Home Depot sells Lesco fertilizers.

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