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    May i ask what are the top 3 fertilizer brands for my home lawn?
    Thank you.
  2. BlazersandWildcats2009

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    When determining the correct fertilizer, you shouldn't go by "brands." You need to learn the formula ratioo' such as x-x-x or 15-5-10. Whether it's a cheap bag or an expensive bag, if it has a guaranteed analysis of 15% nitrogen, then chances are the fertilizer contains 15% nitrogen.. The ratios on the bag will include a ratio that states the N-P-K (Nitrogen- Phosphorus- Potassium) levels. Next, before choosing the correct fertilizer, you need to take a soil test (very simple) and find out exactly what your soil needs. Too much or too little of anything can be detrimental to the health of your lawn. If you want a green lawn throughout the growing season, you would need to determine how much nitrogen your type of grass needs per year, then create a schedule applying xx amount of nitrogen per year. Too much nitrogen can create health problems, fungus problems, grass burning, and more problems. While if you don't have enough nitrogen, your grass will not be the lush green your looking for. It's better to find the total number of nitrogen you need per year, and divide it into several applications throughout the growing season. Nitrogen is for green and growth. Phosphorus and Potassium for fruit, flower and roots. That's why you need to determine exactly what you need for the soil. It's an overlooked step, but very important for a healthy lawn. There are also many micro nutrients that are needed, which can be found in fertilizers that are needed to promote a healthy lawn.

    You asked earlier about Organic Material, I would suggest supplying your lawn with OM throughout the growing season, but don't be caught up by the "Organic" sales game and don't substitute OM completely for Synthetic if you want a beautiful lawn anytime soon. Compost your lawn 2-3 times a year and a balanced synthetic fertilizer and you should be in a lot better condition than before.

    Just remember when applying fertilizer, don't apply in lbs. of fertilizer, apply your fertilizer in (lbs.) of nitrogen. (The first number on the bag.)

    Also, adding your state since it's not listed on your profile would help us understand your climate and grass conditions much better.
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    Your fertilizer program depends on the type of grass, your climate, your irrigation, no-phosphorus laws, shade, traffic stress, and whether it is a championship golf course, Yankee stadium or a huge back yard.
    As the industry leader, Scotts must maintain their quality and reputation. The percent of nitrogen as slow release nitrogen is one of the most important factors. Scotts typically has around 30 percent. More is better. I would prefer around 50 percent. Most secondary brands have less than 30 percent slow release...read the fine print...shop around till you find what you want.
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    Couldn't have said it any better. I think it all comes down to what does your lawn need? When you determine these factors you can then best determine what works best for your situation.
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    The Andersons

    ...are all very good. Scotts would be dead last on my list although it is the most well known brand.

    What is in the bag is much more important than the name on it.
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    I agree with above BUT I would add that a final app in the fall should not be very high in slow release N at all, to ensure it gets utilized prior to freeze up.
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    DA, you really need to think about that late season fall application. Up to 3/4 of that nitrogen is going to waste. Think about it. If you applied a 50% slow release in September, that will last 6 to 8 weeks when it is cool in tgd fall. Why apply another lb of nitrogen on top of what is already applied? Money and nitrogen is being wasted.
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    Where is your article??? I haven't found a good Wisco article on the subject... early Oct. has been my observation for years and I'd like to see a WI source validate that... Extension offices for years,,, talked about the "Thanksgiving Application"... :)

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