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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by hobbsd, Jun 7, 2006.

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    Due to some un-forcasted 95 degree dry weather, a few of my customers got a fert burn in the sunny spots on their lawn.

    I am going to do the typical, have them water it to death and spray IRON, but is their anything else that can be done>? and is the whole plant really fried or is it just the tops and crown??

    Thank you!
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    being no stranger to spraying in the heat, I'll go ahead and toss in two cents. whether it's burned through and through or just on the tips can only be determined by visual inspection. Go have a look, if the tips are that nasty tan color and all slimmed out with a partial curl and the bottom parts of the blade are fine, water daily and it will be gone by the second weekly mowing. If it's big dead areas, burned to the dirt, you can water like a pig, but likely reseeding or resodding may be in your future. Iron is not going to help you and in fact, if your iron has more N in it as a combo product(which is very common) you may end up exagerrating the problem. If you feel like you need to spray something, perhaps a wetting agent to help water penetrate more easily and deeper to help flush it out. In the meantime, move to slower releasing products, liquid or granular, to get you through the rest of the summer.
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    if the crowns are burnt then it's pretty much toast. At normal application rates the amount of N in liquid iron is usually only about 1/10# / 1000 ; really not that much to worry about. Iron needs Nitrogen's help to be taken up by the grass. Don't try the wetting agents unless you have the ablilty to spray large quatities of water to a small area. If you apply a wetting agent in a small volume of water, it MUST be washed off the grass and into the soil or it will strip the cell walls right off of the grass and it will definitely be dead!

    Just paint it!

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