fertilizer causing grass to "jump"

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Jun 18, 2012.

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    Is the N amount per month? Like GreenDoc and others said you may cut down on the N. I deal with these same 2 grasses as well as zoysia & St Aug. Pretty hard to let healthy bermuda go 2 weeks between mowings without cutting excessive amount off & scalping. On the centipede I usually go 2 weeks between mowing unless we are receiving alot of rain which we haven't for several years. Do these people have irrigation? Probably the biggest obstacle I face is getting people to water correctly. When practical I simply take it over.

    I have tried Mesa fert and am having good results so far.
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    The N rates are spaced out and applied every 6 weeks.

    May look into mesa. I used some Lebanon 25-0-5 last year and it was nice.
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    Really doesn't sound like too much N. Explain to your bermuda customers it is a fast growing variety. If you think they will be a problem perhaps mail them an info sheet that states such, for instance a pamplet from your extension service.
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    Even with no fert two weeks mows are a ball buster at any price. The type of cheapskate who wants a two week mow is not likely to be willing to pay a penny extra. The two week mow types are not a good target market and will drive you insane.

    Tell the cheap SOB's their going to have to pay for a growth regulator application if they want to go two weeks.
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    How long is your growing season? How many apps/year?

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