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    Ok, so I know what the micro an dmacro nutrients are and do in a fertilizer and I know what a lot of the different breakdowns and formulas do. But I don’t know what a lot of the abbreviations and things actually mean. Could someone please give the defintion, chemical or biological make, and the purpose and reason for each of these abbreviations-


    Well that’s all I can think of!

    Thank you.
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    Help please! at least answer a few*trucewhiteflag* *trucewhiteflag*

    I know that some of you brainiacs on here know what some of those stand for. :clapping: :clapping:

    Thank you
  3. Tscape

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    SCU= sulphur coated urea
    urea=synthetic nitrogen derived from a process using natural gas as a catalyst with gaseous N
    PCU=poly coated urea
    sop= sulphate of potash
    mop= muriate of potash (higher salt)

    There I did my part and left a few points on the table.
  4. quiet

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    PCSCU - is Polymer Coated Sulfur Coated Urea
    MU - is Methylene Urea
  5. hmartin

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    sck is sulfur coated potassium
    am is ammoniacal
    ppscu is poly plus sulfur coated urea
  6. tremor

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    PP - Poly Plus - Lesco trademark
    SCU - Sulfur Coated Urea
    PPSCU - Poly Plus SCU - Another Lesco Trademark
    PCU - Polymer Coated Urea
    AM - ???
    SOP - Sulfate of Potash
    MOP - Muriate of Potash
    SCK - Sulfur Coated Potash
    MU - Methylene Urea

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