fertilizer deliveries - the good & the bad

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by americanlawn, Feb 20, 2008.

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    Got a call yesterday from a trucking company saying they were sending 3 semi trucks (66 tons) on Thursday. Normally I don't have any problem, but........right now our parking lot & driveways are solid ice, and the ice melt we put down (heavy) is not melting anything. These deliveries were not scheduled for 2 or 3 weeks from now, so I called my salesman. He said the same thing, so he made some calls --- but one truck was already loaded, so I'm taking it tomorrow morning before 8:00 a.m.. Not good, cuz I will have to move at least six trucks and start up the forklift in an unheated warehouse when the temps will be about 10 degrees below zero. I'm not happy......and I'm also worried how well our forklift will drive on shear ice????:dizzy:

    I rarely complain about deliveries.....I've taken them on Sundays, after midnight, on holidays, basicaly seven days a week, 24 hours a day cuz I have the utmost repspect for truckers. Heck -- I even tolerate semitrucks driving on our lawn! But this time is different.

    rscvp, thanks.
    Anybody else have problems with deliveries?
  2. humble1

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    Fork lift wont do well on ice, do you have any landscape friends w/ skidsteer or tractor w/ forks?
  3. Runner

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    This reminds me of the thread from last year or so, someone had a few pallets delivered and they delivered the at a different time than what was scheduled, so no one was there at the shop. So, they set these pallets right in front of the overhead shop door. Now, here's the good part...Inside this shop door was a truck parked...behind it,....the tractor to move the pallets.
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    Jimminy Crickets! I hope I live long enough to use over 60 tons of fert! That would make me about 112 years old, but admittedly, I didn't do the math.

    I've done the huge operation, high pressure, high stakes business career thing. It was fun for a while, but as the old decrepid man I have become, I'm happy just just doing soup to nuts on the properties I maintain as a solo... mow, blow, apps etc. Keeps my life and stress level managable.

    You young turks... have all my respect! :usflag:
  5. rcreech

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    Funny thing is....that is probably just one round for American!

    There are some big boys on here!
  6. Leaf Jockey

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    Is there any way the truck can back right up to the warehouse door? This would allow the forklift to stay inside off the ice.
    I spent a lot of time today spreading sand for contractors that were expecting deliveries at job sites. I also did a few loading docks. Maybe you could get someone in there to spread a little sand in your lot.


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    You could also refuse shipment, any rep that sells direct ships of fertilizer has an option to put in special instructions DO NOT DELIVER B4 SCHEDULED DATE, my feeling is this is very irresponsible on your'e sales reps part this can easily be avoided and also I have seen many companies look for other vendors when things like this happens, never let them tell you any different this can always be avoided with a top notch rep at the helm.

    PSUTURFGEEK LawnSite Senior Member
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    Also as you know, the high cost of freight is built into every bag of fertilizer you purchase, and this year it's showing more than ever, when you recieve adirect shipment of this size involving multiple trucks more than likely the company you buy the fert from is contracting the freight out. Please don't take this as a total bash of your'e vendor but I would be damn pissed off that would be the last time they ever had to worry about me.
  9. rcreech

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    I think this is where the customer service and relationship comes in with a vendor. When everyone talks about price....this is one of the pieces of the puzzle that sometimes gets overlooked!

    Not saying that is the case here....but if you know your supplier well and they know you....they will work with you.

    I had to put off my shipment for almost a weed due to my schedule. My supplier (Lesco) wasn't super happy but understood and worked with me.

    They also brought their own spider so I didn't even have to unload it and use my little forklift! It was GREAT watching them fill my barn!
  10. naughty62

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    hook up with a local outfit that has a telescopic boom forlift ( lull,jbl,terrex,) . It is nice to poke the boom way back into trailer and lift the pallet out .If you are on a slope or unlevel ground a guy a can level the chassis . The ones with the chassis tilt and the fork tilt are slick .I Borrow one now and again to unload sod ,fert,chemicals block .you can also boom over obsticles a guy dont want to drive over .Even if you have to pay a little to have a operator with the rig .

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