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    anyone know the truth? We have Ken. Blue here and it get hot and dry in July. I use liquid 50% slow fert. I was always told not to fert during these times because it could fry the grass because of all the stress its under. What is the truth? I was told lately that it is better to fertilize when the grass is dormant because it rebounds faster when conditions turn more favorable in later summer/fall.
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    all is relative. You should be Ok to fert in hot weather--however--liquid fert can burn the grass at times if temps are over 80. You need to use lower rates or more slow release in hot weather. Experiment on your own lawn during hot weather--get a feel for it. Remember some of your customers have irrigation --some do not. Irrigated lawns will benefit. No advantage to treating dry dormant grass, but it will come back a little quicker if soil fertility is kept adequate.

    Myself, I don't think weed killer puts much stress on the grass.

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