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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by calvarylandscapegroup, Apr 5, 2010.

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    Hey everyone,
    I have a question about estimating for a fertilizer job. What formula do i use to get the price I will charge the customer for each application and what brand fertilizer is a good brand? thx
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    This is just general advice, using general numbers to show a formula. Your material cost should be around 20% of the price charged....provided you're not buying $50 bags of fert at HD. You should be looking at cost & pricing per 1000 sqft. Example: If you can get fert for $15 per bag and it covers 10,000 sqft. Cost per 1000 is $1.50 ($15 divided by 10). Divide $1.50 by 0.20 (20%) and you get $7.50 per 1000 sqft.

    So, in this example, for a 10,000 sqft lawn you would charge $75, fert would cost you $15.

    Also, this formula is adjusted based on the size of the property. The price per 1000 sqft goes down as the property gets larger.

    I hope this is somewhat helpful.
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    whats a good fert/weed and feed that compares to scotts?
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    scotts is a joke. overpriced joke. lesco is what pro's use
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    In NJ you need to have a pesticide license to put down weed & feed, so check with your state to see what licenses you may need.

    Weed & feed granular applications aren't the best option because you have to apply it at a time the grass is dewy so the weed killer sticks. Plus you have to make sure it will not rain for a couple days. I prefer granular fert & a spray weed application.
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