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Fertilizer for Fox Tail Palm Tree


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Tampa Fl
Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a fox tail palm tree about 9ft tall from Lowes. I intend to plant it in front of my home in Fl. Can anyone recommend a good fertilizer? I'm fairly new to this and while I have done some research, some of the applications I've come across almost seem like rocket science to me.

"apply a fertilizer with a ratio of 2N (nitrogen) -1P (phosphorous) -3K (potassium) -1MG (magnesium) such as 8-2-12-4 plus micronutrients which is 100% slow-release N and K. Use a rate of 1.5 lbs./100 sq."


Whatever ever happened to a simple bag of fertilizer. Can someone kindly help me out? If possible, I am looking for a ready mix bag I can pick up at Lowes or Home Depot.

Thanks in advance.


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Grand Rapids MI
Not many palm trees in Michigan--however until someone with more experience replies.

It sounds like way too much to me. And the high rate of slow-release potassium is rare. I think it should say per 1000 sqft not 100. You do not want ten times too much.
Buying from Lowes--go back and ask them about it. They may know nothing--which points out the advantage of buying from a garden store.
Drop by a real garden store and get their advice when you purchase a fertilizer actually suited to the situation.
100 sqft is 10 by10.
A thousand sqft is about 32 by 32. A circle of about 18 feet radius, 36 feet diameter.
Better yet--get a landscape company to do the tree care. They will know--and have the proper fertilizer on hand.
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