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Fertilizer Guide

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I was wondering if anyone had a link to a good guide for fertilizers. I saw a small one on SeedLand that recommended 2-3lb of N per 1,000 sqft on Tall Fescue lawns which is what I have. I want to avoid burning my lawn and don't have irrigation so I'm thinking of doing 4 or more small apps per year, I also have a new lawn so the grass may be a bit more fragile. I had a soil test done in the fall through the extension office which was a bit limited but indicated I was low in organics but my P/K was at a decent level. I have since redone my yard and put down 1" of top soil and reseeded with 10lb per K of Falcon fescue. Really I just want to do some learning so I don't screw up my yard, I to enjoy working on it though.
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Well I wouldn't really classify TN as being in the NE. Charlotte is a lot closer to me than PA. I guess I could see if UT posts any turf files.
My base soil is TN clay and the PH analysis was slightly low but they recommended not liming it at the time, not sure about the top soil. Due to that I probably wouldn't put down the acidifying meals. The soybean meal looks good though. I'll check on prices at the Co-op, my stepbrother actually works at the Co-op distribution center so I can get it at cost but its a bit of a drive to get there. Your soybean meal recommended rate comes in right at 1lb of N per k, would you do this all at one time? How good of a spreader would I need? Would an pro grade Earthway do ok?

I'd like to go with compost but its a bit harder to find and hard to spread expecially on 50,000-60,000 sqft.
Here's what the local Co-op has:

Cottonseed Meal - $11 / 50#
Soybean Meal - $11.60 / 50#

I asked about Corn Gluten Meal and Alfalfa meal but they didn't have meal forms of these.

I can probably get the CSM and SBM for $8 or so a bag from my BIL. I've already got 140# of 15-20-10 starter fertilizer that I'm going to put down this weekend along with 250lb of Fescue. I'll probably do roughly 200lb of 10/10/10 in mid April. This Fall I may invest in a good spreader and do an application or two of the above meals, maybe one CSM and one SBM.

Are there any disadvantages of doing a fertilizer program where you alternate between natural and synthetic fertilzers?
What brand of spreaders have you used with meals? It would kind of be a ***** to spend $200 on a spreader intending to use it for meals and it not flow well. By the way, I appreciate all the help.
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