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Fertilizer Guide

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I was wondering if anyone had a link to a good guide for fertilizers. I saw a small one on SeedLand that recommended 2-3lb of N per 1,000 sqft on Tall Fescue lawns which is what I have. I want to avoid burning my lawn and don't have irrigation so I'm thinking of doing 4 or more small apps per year, I also have a new lawn so the grass may be a bit more fragile. I had a soil test done in the fall through the extension office which was a bit limited but indicated I was low in organics but my P/K was at a decent level. I have since redone my yard and put down 1" of top soil and reseeded with 10lb per K of Falcon fescue. Really I just want to do some learning so I don't screw up my yard, I to enjoy working on it though.
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I live in Charlotte so I always refer to NC State's Turf Files which is published by their Agronomy School.

Since you are in the NE you may want to review publications from Penn State and Cornell which have excellent turf management / agronomy schools.
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