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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by CA Green, Aug 15, 2010.

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    I did the beta testing for that company in the early 90's. Their first unit was a off the shelf plastic pump sprayer with the same cap. It exploded like a bomb one night when the city water pressure went too high.

    When they eventually went to the tank like you see now we started selling them I had 30 or so in the ground when they began clogging up. They refused to stand behind the product so we ended up pulling most of them and refunding the clients.

    A few years later I taught a class on Injectors at a local hort. conference and trade show, they sent a rep and his check for the class bounced. I don't have much respect for the company.

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    what's an RP?:canadaflag:

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    after installation you shouldn't be removing those two connectors. Only remove the two connectors on the tank and remove cap to add product. Use the female threaded coupler to connect both lines to winterize system.
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    Reduced Pressure principle backflow assembly. We (in Canada) normally refer to them as an RPBA.

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    I'm missing something:confused:. Since I have a public edumekation my reading comprehensions be at a infants level.

    Is this a residential application? Also, is your supply city water?

    1. Nitrogen, phosphate, magnesium and the myriad of other "micro nutrients" are corrosive... with some exception.
    2. Overspray will stain everything
    3. Maintaining dilution according to product label specifications is difficult; going over is a FEDERAL OFFENSE.
    4. The injector/check valve will absolutly foul if not properly maintained.
    5. the Fed is going to be or in you case the state CA (& FL) has already restricted application of nitrogen/phosphate based fertilizers. Are you a licensed applicator?
    6. Different plantings have different nutritional requirements, too much will kill one and won't be enough for another and kill it too.

    I hear the AZ Gardener, but if it were me, I'd stay away from it cause it'll be nothing but trouble, and it's not part of my main business module... rust control is something else.
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    I have used chemical injection systems while maintaining golf courses - mostly injecting acids to alter pH levels - never for actual fertilization.

    This said, I have been contemplating installing a residential sized unit at my own home. Mostly because I am too lazy to remember the last time I fertilized, if I even ever did.

    Staining at my bucks up clients residences is a real concern - large nozzled rotors are prevalent and I can just imagine the Missus screaming I just stained her Bentley or worse her blue hair brown with the Chelated Iron.
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    Buck_Wheat, thread response101. Read previous responses to prevent redundancies (and foot in mouth syndrome). :)
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    Buh whee say OTAY!:waving:
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    your spelling gives you away jvan:waving:
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    WOW! Your reps say that too? Amazing.

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