Fertilizer is it toxic for dog and baby

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by mexiking, Mar 31, 2007.

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    To answer the OP's question, yes, fertilizer IS toxic to dogs and babies. So is water if too much is ingested.

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    attached is a general use letter I send out at the beginning of each season to help my customers with their concerns regarding fertilizers, children and pets. This is a general form letter and does not cover specific applications or chemicals but usually is all that is needed. If more information is needed I provide copies of MSDS, product information and calculations when needed.

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    Finally somebody with a correct answer. It amazes me that guys who supposedly know the business they are in would not know the this simple answer. It also amazes me that those who suggest an organic fertilizer as " less toxic " than say a synthetic fertilizer can even suggest such a thing. I'm sure the intent was legit. But, the facts are it's bad advice. Eat some organic fert and I can assure you that you will have some reaction. I realize the original post is a few years old. I hope some common sense has finally prevailed. Perhaps educating ones self is the proper thing to do before applying anything.
  4. Kate Butler

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    I concur, but there are a lot of folks who either haven't taken the courses or weren't paying enough attention to 'em.
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    No, you do not. You just made that up.
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    Organic Fert like - corn meal - is toxic!?!?? Throw your Corn Flakes away, Mr. Common Sense intellectual. Alfalfa meal, Soybean meal, Compost, can all be consumed w/out consequense. Don't eat Milorganite though. :)
  7. Kate Butler

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    You're missing the point - which is that ANYTHING in excessive amounts can be toxic.
  8. FYS777

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    hi fellow OREgon guy some on this lawnsite forums will disagree about you don't need a license to apply general use pesticides, but i myself have been trying to tell some folks on different places here the same things you just said but some just can't believe it .
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    I guess you just can't understand the point here or you refuse to. So lets take it nice and slow for you to understand. You folks in Wisconsin make a lot of cheese. In fact I understand your state is known for it's cheese production. Take that cheese and eat it in excessive amounts it's "may" cause ill effects. Eat bad cheese ( toxic ) and you might get really sick. Eat cheese in normal portions and you probably will be ok. Whether or not you favor an organic fert program is really not significant. The facts are that just about anything can be "toxic" in excessive amounts. Toothpaste can be " toxic " and children die every year from eating it. I also would add that I have used organic fertilizers and would never say that were " safe ". In fact my attorney would advice against such a statement. In fact, here in Michigan it is illegal for us to say any of the products we use are non-toxic.
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    Yea, I've heard it tastes like SH!T :laugh:

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