Fertilizer killing manatees?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by fl-landscapes, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. fl-landscapes

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    Like easy lift guy said most of us do lead by example. Do you think that's going to stop lunatics from making claims that fertilizer is killing the manatees? Hell no!
  2. Patriot Services

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    We have one of the largest Manatee viewing areas in the state. The Apollo Beach Teco power station. They are attracted by the warm waters discharged from the plant. These animals are heavily studied by at least a dozen schools and groups. Their numbers have steadily increased year after year. The Tampa Bay is a natural basin for most of the areas runoff and industrial discharges. You would think with that working against them their numbers would decline either by death or their natural instinct to migrate to better waters. Professionals are not the problem. I'm doubtful homeowners are to blame either. Notoriously cheap, the DIY types would be more likely to under apply fert to save money. This image of guys pouring bags of product into storm drains and flooding yards with liquid products just doesn't exist. I have yet to see piles of prills on sidewalks and certainly never puddles of liquid after a professional application. Funny how pictures of those supposed acts never make the news.:usflag:
  3. fl-landscapes

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    Completely agree. I think as you stated this whole thing is one more straw argument about a problem that doesn't exist any longer. 70's and 80's absolutely. I grew up on Boston harbor and I know pollution. That harbor is clean as a whistle now and so are most. Job well done, now get off our backs. The Edison plant on the callosahatchee river is the same way with the manatees gathering there at the outflow pipes.
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    With how much a bag of fertilizer costs, I would be the last one to leave granules on the road, puddles or even drift off of a lawn. You are right about most homeowners. In my town, what I apply is the first fertilizer the grass has ever seen. Feeding the grass is novel. There are a few idiots with more money than brains, but they are the extreme exception. Once a lawn is over 1000 sq ft, I have a hard time finding someone who can afford to maintain it properly.

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