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    hi everyone
    im starting my lawn care service this spring and im just about done everything, i think .im from northeast ohio and i've got 10 customers that already want my service and i've done no advertising no fliers nothing.ive got alot of info from you guys this sight is great,thanks to each and everyone of you. so perhaps you can answer a couple of questions for me, do i need a service venders licence,do you guys charge tax to your customers??i've already applied for my fictitious company name.oh buy the way this is a solo opperation for now. 2 do i need any type of license to just put regular fertilizer down with a spreader that anyone can go buy at their nearest wal-mart?? also where do you guys get your fertizer from and what do you recomend as the best and maybe the worst....:D thanks for your time

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    Just visited the office here in Columbus. You need a license to apply Roundup on a weed in the driveway for a customer. Here is a link to the application.


    Good Luck.
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    You do not need a lic. if just applying fertilizer and fertilizer only (atleast here in NJ). We buy our fertilizer from a local supplier or straight from Lesco. We charge sales tax on our services, Mowing, trimming shrubs etc. Capital improvements do not get tax, plantings, walks etc. Service vendors lic. do not think u need that to be in business. i would suggest consulting with an accountant or attorney about any technical business aspects, they would know best.
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    and a good source for ohio info is

    to answer a few of your questions too (you might not even have the company at this time as its been 6years and may know the answers all ready, but others may not that come across this post)
    service venders licence: yes in ohio you do, goto your local secretary of state office, info can be found here
    http://www.sos.state.oh.us/ they will be able to tell you where to register your company name, and tell you the nearest county level place you can get a venders lic too
    and yes you have to charge sales tax on all services, as well as anything you are exempt from ie if you buy seed to seed a lawn then you have to pass the sales tax to the customer(i find its just as easy to pay the sales tax then just pass the original cost to the client/customer, then to get except from your venders number and then resale back to customer, but sometimes its a good thing as you can mark up the price a bit and on top of it charge a delivery fee, up to you on your practices, i just charge for my time to get the items myself)
    if your allpying granular fert most times you wont be hit with a need for a licence but its a good idea to have it anyways because a customer will feel that you care about them and your work, just like if your on angies list or in the bbb listings, it all helps to show your creditability and what not.
    good luck to all those out there. hope this post was useful to someone
    (i do believe ohio is requiring one now)

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