Fertilizer, Lime and/or Mushroom Compost???

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by vanoverp, Sep 1, 2009.

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    I am about to start renovating my lawn, which is almost nothing but packed clay. I sent out a soil test on 2 different areas (10 total sampling spots) and my ph is 4.7. They recommended 4.75 tons of lime per acre. wow... I am going to settle for 4 tons per acre since I am going to lime about 3 acres.

    Now comes the part I need some help with. The main part of my yard, near and surrounding the home, is the worst part of the yard (about 1.25 acre). The grass is almost non-existent and it is bumpy too. I have a tractor with a 5 foot tiller, front loader, rake, and yard box, etc. The soil test recommended fertilizer at a rate of 430 pounds per acre (if I use 10-10-10). I am contemplating the use of Aged Mushroom Compost instead of fertilizer and wanted your thoughts on this process. My goal is to grow a pretty fescue lawn.

    I thought about having the lime put down, tilling it in, then spreading the compost and tilling it in, then seeding and covering the seed with straw.

    Any thoughts about this process??? thanks so much for your assistance.

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    If your soil is 'nothing but packed clay' you've got the right idea to use your tractor to till the soil nice and fine. This will also reveal any junk that's close to the surface, like rocks, trash, etc. I would definitely recommend tilling in the recommended amount of lime (though that seems like a heck of a lot). Spread rich soil with a starter fertilizer mixed in over the entire yard. The soil will be your largest investment. Then seed the yard fully spreading clean wheat straw. Yes, the straw might bring in weeds, but it will fight any runoff or erosion. Any weeds that come in the yard can be killed in the spring.

    I think you've got the right idea for the process you need. Make sure you buy in bulk from a wholesaler (it will save you tons). Good luck!

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