Fertilizer: Liquid or Granular or Both

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Moonlight, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Moonlight

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    Last year I used liquid fert and granular fert. The liquid scared me a little because we had some very dry weather in the spring and some of my lawns burned. I was using 28-0-0. So I switched to granular and had great luck. I think I'll do liquid on my 2nd applications and granular on 3rd and 4th applications. Liquid is more price effective than granular. What are you putting down?
  2. ns400r

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    THe only benefit to me with liquid fert is the ability to apply more than one product at once. Fert,weed,insect & pre. Now machines like the PG and other ride on's can eliminate the need for applying like this, unless you do some liquid fungicides.

    I would recommend you do whats best for your company, fiscally and suits your agronomics
  3. Neal Wolbert

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    Moonlight, My company is all liquid, all year without tip burn. I'll share how we do it if you'll PM me. Neal

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