Fertilizer,overseed, in what order


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As some of you know from the lower post, i'm in Missouri, i'm working on my Mom and dad's yard, which is predominately weeds. last spring i fertilized with scotts (which also had a weed control) and overseeded. the seed took off really well, a couple weeks ago i put down some stuff to kill insects and bugs, cause it's been pretty warm. Now what do i do, Fertilize and try to kill some of the damn clover that's come up or go ahead and overseed again. I figured if i can get my mom and dads yard in tip top shape (it was about 75% weed) then i can offer my services to customers and get my applicators license. oh yeah what about moles, i know to get rid of grubs, but what else can i do, they're tearing the hell out of stuff. Dad also wants to put down a crab grass preventer. should i do that before i put the seed or fertilizer down? so many questions so little time.


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what part of country are you in? here in PA now is the time to apply a crabbgrass preventer. you cannot seed for at least 3-4 months after putting down a pre emergent because it forms a barrior against any kind of seed germinating.

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