Fertilizer/Pesticide license in Missouri

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mid Rivers, Feb 3, 2001.

  1. Mid Rivers

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    Is it needed, how do you obtain one? I am new to the business and have a few customers that would like their yard fertilized. Should I sub-contract another company or do it myself? I need to know more about times to apply what and what to apply. I have no problem making my own yard look great but if i happen to screw it up the only one to get mad is my wife (and neighbors if I really screw up). Thanks for the help, it is truely appreciated.
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    It all depends. What i do, and im from st. louis too and only 14 so i dont know about the licences. I would just go up to homedepot and use scotts fertiler i dont know if that is alowed or not in st.louis but im just doing my neighbors yard. hope this helps
  3. Mscotrid

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    Contact the Missouri Dept of Ag. In Missouri you need to be licensed even to do a lawn Estimate if chemicals are involved. Normally you can get all the manuals you need to test from the state. You might look to area trade groups or vendors for information.

    Contact your Lesco branch there in Bridgeton and Fenton I'm sure they can steer you in the right direction They will also be able to help you design a turf program for youe area that will provide the results you and your customers want.

  4. Mid Rivers

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    Thanks a bunch, I want to do this right and I appreciate the help. I will go to Lesco this coming week and get all the information I can.
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  6. beck

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    I talked to the Missouri dept of Agriculture last week. They told me that you do not need a license to apply fertilizers, but you need one to apply pesticides.

    You can call the Missouri Dept of Agriculture at
    (573) 751-2462. They will send you a packet of info. containing test dates and an application. The next test(in St. Louis) is February 28th in St. Peters.
  7. gorrell

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    Beck, you're right to a point. A commercial operator needs a license in Missouri to apply fertilizer if it's anything but straight fertilizer. For example, if it's something that includes a weed and feed, then you must have a pesticide license. The "good ole' boy" from the state manages to make a yearly visit to my house to check my license. Imagine that! Thanks, Lynn
  8. accuratelawn

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    Get your license! By studying for the test you will gain alot of knowledge. This will give you more confidence about selling your new service to your customers. Books where around $25 and test was $50.
    You will enjoy being in control of the N on your lawns.
  9. MKL innovations

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    Where do we get the books?

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