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Yes I know this has been addressed in the past, but I would like to take a poll on what your estimating procedures are on fertilizing. <br>Examples: Do you have a minumum bid? Do you have a one time charge for all apllications? Do you charge per application. Most importantly, what is your charge per 5000 sq. ft. + whatever fee you may have in addition to that if any. Thank you to all who can help me, after all that's what this site if for right?


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SW Missouri
In this area $35-$50 per 10,000 per application. I try to sell 6 step program.<br>Pre-emergent<br>fert weed control<br>fert x 4 weed control as needed<br>higher n in the fall <br>


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Hayden, Al.
J.D.<br>$34 for the first 4K SQFT<br>$3 per 1K after that.<br>Bill by the application.<br>In my area, Seven treatments.<br>2 Spring PreEm<br>3 Summer Fert<br>2 Fall PreEm<br>Thinking of adding a fuel surcharge, if cost of gas keeps going up and up and up.

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