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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Field General, Feb 28, 2004.

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    Has anyone noticed a spike in fertilizer prices this year? I called my supplier for pricing yesterday and was told there was a large increase.After checking last years prices I found an increase of only .50 per bag. I can get 18-4-6 25%scu w/.86 team pro for
    12.15 per bag....4 ton minimum. How does this compare to other areas?
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  3. Field General

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    The price was from a coop in eastern ohio where I get about 75% of my supplies.The fertilizer is distributed by Solution One.
    I have been using it for about five years and have not had any problems with performance.I have been pricing with Lesco and Anderson and have found their prices to be as much as $8 a bag more.
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    Urea makes up the largest percentage of fertilizer ingredients in the bag. Even the slow release nitrogen starts as urea in most cases. Urea requires massive amounts of Natural Gas to produce. My idiotic industry tried to ignore the rising cost of Natural Gas for too long. Now that it's clear prices are going to stay high, and therefor raw material costs are going to stay high, we have no choice but to raise prices.

    Other ingredient such as DAP have risen in the past year too.

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