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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Ron II, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Ron II

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    Hello all,

    I have been a lurker for several months and your ideas and comments have really helped my turf. I have designed a fertilizer program for myself and I would like to get your opinion on it and suggest any changes that may be needed. I do not own a business...just a homeowner.

    My grass is St. Augustine Palmetto. I cut at 4.25. Grass is nice and thick. Small weed problem but gradually they are being phased out.

    My first actual application of my new program was Lesco 9-0-24 which was applied back in July

    My anticipated program is as follows:

    Early January: Lesco 19-3-7 with pre-emergent. (PRE-M 0.86% 19-3-7 30%PPSCU)

    Mid February: Lesco 18-0-10 with Dimension 0.21 (DIMENSION 0.21% 18-0-10 50%PPSCU) or perhaps Lesco 16-0-28 with Stonewall 0.43 (Stonewall 0.43% 16-0-28 50%ppscu Sop/Mop 1000# ). I understand Stonewall's half life is much longer than Dimension.

    Late March, early April: Complete fertilizer with weed control. Lesco 22-2-11 plus Atrazine (ATRAZINE 1.05% 22-2-11, 40%PPSCU(NLA- USE 090554)

    Mid-May: First application for prevention of chinch bugs. I have been using OrthoMax granular in conjunction with the liquid. What do you recommend that would be stronger and last longer?

    June - July: General Purpose Fertilizer. Lesco 16-4-8 (16-4-8 50%SCU TR).

    July - August: I applied this one this year: Lesco 9-0-24(9-0-24 50% PPSCU 6FE 2MG 2MN FL.) Moving forward would you recommend Lesco 8-0-16 with Crosscheck (CROSSCHECK 0.069% 8-0-16 57% PPSCU 6FE 2MN 1MG. I believe Crosscheck is your version of Talstar.

    Mid-July: Second Application for prevention of chinch bugs. If I use the Crosscheck I think I will be able to skip this application.

    September - October: Same weed and feed plan as in early spring. Complete fertilizer with weed control. Lesco 22-2-11 plus Atrazine (ATRAZINE 1.05% 22-2-11, 40%PPSCU(NLA- USE 090554)

    I look forward to your responses. :dancing:


  2. Ron II

    Ron II LawnSite Member
    from Miami
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    By the way I am in Miami, Florida.


  3. Landscape Poet

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    Ron -

    Looks like you want to be the fertilizer king of your neighborhood. Be careful adding that much fertilizer is not always a good idea. You are without a doubt picking some good products but that does not mean they are good for your lawn.
    Start by reading the information on this link http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/lh010 Make sure you not only read it but get a good understanding of it. Then look for fertilizers that fit your area needs.

    I suggest you find a local place to do a soil test for you. There are tons of places down here that do them. Usual cost is less than $30 for a quality lab result. Often if it is a good lab they will send recommendations of what products to put down that will help correct lacking nutrient. This is a largely misunderstood process down here that can lead to a outstanding lawn if utilized correctly.

    On Pest control - chinch - I would look around - lot of do it yourself pest places down here - find one and you will find products that are stronger than the Ortho you are buying. You as a consumer can find 37% Bifen Spray solutions in these pest control places - Usually around $90 for a 16 oz bottle of concentrate. This is way stronger and a way better value than your box store products which are a 0.01% Bifen mix for around $30. You will get a lot more than one use out of the concentrate - most likely a full season. You should be able to find Talstar amongst others if granuales are your thing - Hell you can get these through Lesco too, both the spray and granuales.
    I recommend the following schedule for FL - March (Grubs) April (Grubs) , May ( Grubs/Chinch) , June (Chinch), August (Chinch) , October (Chinch). - If you follow my advice on this I can assure you that most likely will not ever experience any kind of pest in your lawn.

    Try Lesco's Iron Plus around the July time period - It mainly contains Iron and alot of Micro's so it will be helpful in aiding your turf in staying green without the high N products and will also aid in disease resistance as Manganese and Magnesium (which are high % in these product) are very beneficial in fighting fungus often found in our humid surroundings.


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