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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by cos, Oct 29, 2000.

  1. cos

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    Anybody have fertilizer programs that work well and that are profitable. I am lookin to have a couple different programs and I am stuck about how to go about doing it. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  2. ant

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    i do a 4,6,8 step program the 8 is highly profitable,but it takes a lot of sales talk,and the lawns better look good.
    i live in n.j. if you wont i will give you a run down latter on today.
  3. lawnboy11

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    I also use about an 8 step program that works great. I don't use any one program in particular like Scotts. I may try scotts next year to eliminate spraying of weed control (NYS has a tough new law about neighbor notification for spraying, but not granular apps.)
    Here is my own custom plan (I probably shouldn't tell you this as a trade secret, but I'm in a good mood!)

    1. Spring clean-timing is key for pre emergents.
    I lime, fertilize, and apply a pre-emrgent for crabgrass, I used Pre-M w/fert for speed/ease. Use Tupersan if seeding.
    2. Early-Mid May- Super trimec spray for weeds.
    3. around Mem. day fertilize again, maybe another shot of pre-M
    4. June Insect Control
    5. June/July if needed-fungicide, maybe 2 applications
    6. July-Crabgrass an Nutsedge spot treat as needed
    7. August grub control
    8. Labor Day- fertilize again
    9. Broadleaf control again as needed. 3-4 weeks before seeding.
    9. Very Light fall fertilizer and lime near end of season w/cleanups.

    The dates will vary with your location and weather conditions. Products may vary also. Get pre-M down before Forsythia blossoms fade (this is called a phenological indicator).
    I hope this helps.
  4. Rodney Anderson

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    If you're looking for cost effective measusres start with different products and scheduling. First consider Team-Pro
    it works rather well. Schedule applications at six or seven weeks apart to keep turf vigor at is peak. This will
    eliminate the need for fungicides, try using organic forms of fertilizers for disease control and up sale these customers. Blanket lawns in mid April for weeds and again
    in late suumer and early fall when soila nd air temperatures dictate. Throughout the summer spot treat for weeds. During rainy seasons use lower SCU products and in drier summers use higher SCU products. As an example my product cost lasy year with a severe drought and a major insect problem ( billbugs) including T/S and L/C was
    12.3%. Beleive it or not. Shop around all because Lesco is the biggest they are not the cheapest and there is products out there that can compete with there's. I wish not to disclose my programs I've have worked hard to develope them.
  5. cos

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    Thanks guys,

    What would you guys suggest granular or chemical fertilizer.

    Thanks again
  6. Rodney Anderson

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    Two types of granular fertilzer to pick from.
    1 granular fertilzer with urea/scu urea,ammonium sulfate and potassium chloride. This is what most of us use. this will cost between 5.60 per bag/Ton and 8.50 per bag/Ton.
    2 same as above except no scu we call this all mineral fertilizer and it ranges between 4.60 per bag/Ton and 6.00 per bag/Ton.
    These are called chemical fertilizers.
    If you choose to apply organic fert. you can expect to much much more.Hope this helps some. Reply if you need more help
  7. cos

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    Thank you very much. I think I have learned alot more now and I am now armed with the knowledge I need for the next season up coming.
  8. Suburban Cowboy

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    What about the Scott's step program? Is it any good?

  9. Runner

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    It's junk.
    Geez, What ever happened to Cos?

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