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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Gabby, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Gabby

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    What exactly do the 3 numbers on the fertilizer bags mean? Some examples:

    Scotts Pro Select with Halts 19-0-7
    Scotts Turfbuilder with Halts 30-0-3
    Scotts Pro Select Weed and Feed 18-0-9
    Scotts Turfbuilder with Weed and Feed 28-3-3

    Why are the two halts ones different and why are the two weed and feed ones different? Thanks in advance.
  2. unit40

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    The numbers represent the percentage of Nitrogen-phosphrous-potassium in the bag.
  3. Nathan Robinson

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    what unit 40 said!
  4. bug-guy

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    generally speaking if you wany 1 pound of nitro per 1000 sq ft take the first # and divide itin 1/2 and you will get the sq. footage per 50 lb bag. combo products usaully has rates per the pesticide in the product.

    straight fert example

    16-0-8 = 8000 sq ft per 50 lb bag
    24-2-11= 12000 sq ft

    alot of people confuse high nitro as bad ... it just covers more area
    this is a general rule there are exceptions
    covers 12000 sq ft per 50# bag
    1/2 of n and 1 # of k per 1000 st ft

    scotts usally makes their bags cover 5000sq ft
    you need to compare covering and if using combo percent of pesticde on product
  5. lescojdl

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    If you don't know what the 3 numbers on the bag mean, you should probably sub out your fert apps and I doubt you have a pesticide license to legally put down combo products, i.e. weed & feed.

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