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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by kylefiroe90, Sep 18, 2012.

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    Hey everyone,

    I need some help on the timing of my applications. I do granular fertilizer and weed control as well as chemical applications for fertilizer and weed control. I am a licensed applicator in NC. I need a bit more info on when to do pre m? February? Need to set a schedule on certain times as far as when to apply everything (fret and weed control). Timing of overseeding and fertilizing in the fall as well. I know this is quite a bit but I want to make sure that my timing for this next season is optimal.

    Thanks in advance
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    no one? thought the site was for help from other members.....
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    I'm not familiar with what is happening at what time in southern climates... there are programs out there and most of them follow what the national chains do, like TGCL... what you might want to do is figure out what the target is and operate off of that...

    For exa.: if I wanted to pre-m for CG I'd put it down when the CG is popping up in full sun, bare soil areas, because it may appear in my lawn sometime in the future... of course most of my lawns never get CG because the turf doesn't allow it, especially with all the shade we have in the neighborhoods...

    Of course TGCL has everyone pre-M'ing even before the Spring rains have the mature grass growing , then they wonder why there is 'break through' in June when the stuff actually starts growing and the split app didn't have any punch...

    What do you guys pre-m for???
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    poa ann ,,,?
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    N C state has lots of good information. Get in touch. and check out their Turffiles site. And talk to your local fert dealers. You may have to buy a few bags of something or pretend you will become their best customer. Buy the salesman a beer during one of the winter turf conferences.

    Around here we begin when the snow melts. Just keep track of the soil temperature and Growing Degree Days. And know that up north we have to have all our pre emergents done by the time the air temp hits 80 degrees--about May 10th.

    Just don't be a low-baller--nobody likes extreme competition.

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