Fertilizer Spreader


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I heard of a fertilizer spreader that you are able to stand on and spray at the same time. Also, the company makes a attachment that you are able to put on a lesco spreader and spray with as you fertilize. If anyone knows of such a company that produces theses types of products, please let me know.


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Yes, the Company is Perma-Green Surpreme.<p>They make 3 models:<br>The Cavalry - stand on on spreader/sprayer $4000.00<br>The Mechanized - walkbehind spreader/sprayer $2000.00<br>The M60 Spray Kit - attaches to any square hopper spreader - $350.00<p>We ordered the Cavalry for this year and already own a Mechanized unit and a push spreader with the spray kit. Absolutely love 'em.<p>Permagreen Supreme<br>9310 Mississippi St.<br>Crown Point, IN 46307<br>Ph: (800) 346-2001

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