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  1. Conan

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    Which brand produces the best results? Scotts or Ferti-lome
  2. Chad@LebanonTurf

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    Lebanon fertilizers produce the best results of any products out there! Any questions please fell free to ask me about them.
  3. Trimline

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    That's a bold statement lebanon!
  4. awm

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  5. kutnkru

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    AWM heres the skinny:

    Lebanon Pro 26-3-8 w/ Team: This product is a well blended fertilizer that uses high nitrogen in addition to prociding crabgrass, goosegrass and poa annual control.

    Lebanon Pro 28-6-12: This product is a well blended fertilizer that provides the optimum balance of N-P-K(nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium). Potassium at 12% is in our opinion the ideal level to provide resistance while helping to reduce drought, disease, and winter damage.

    Lebanon Pro 19-2-6 w/ Dursban: This product is another well blended fertilizer providing our clients with those essential elements for a fast acting greenup and producing an extended feeding at the same time. The .6% Dursban provides effective control for Japanese Beetle larvae, sowbugs, and a variety of pests.

    Lebanon Pro 28-6-12: Same as above.

    Hope this helps.
  6. joshua

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    ok i could be wrong about the 2nd to, but scotts new halts and crab grass is 32-6-12 i'm postive on the first but the others are abouts meaning 1 or 2 off.
  7. kutnkru

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    It all depends on whose program you are using.

    United Horticultural Supply offers a BCMU(Balanced Chain Methylene Urea) program:
    Lesco offers several choices for fertilizer applications:
    32-0-10 ... 21-3-21 ... 24-5-11 ... 28-5-12 ... etc.etc.etc.

    A comparable Lesco program would be:
    Pre-M .86%: 25-2-25

    Lesco Fert: 28-5-12

    Dursban .97%: 32-4-7

    Lesco Fert: 28-5-12

    Hope this helps you with the itch. I could just see you scartching your head. -LOL


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  8. awm

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    Lot different than just 10-10-10 we use to use
    everywhere.Appreciate the info Kutnkru,guess
    times they is a changin.
  9. Gtotoy

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    i have been very happy using Lesco products.... thats all i can say!!!!!!!Free delivery here for me
  10. lawnboy82

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    what is this N-P-K stuff? i thought it was N-P2o5-K2o
    and didnt dursban just become a restricted use pesticide?

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