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  1. mlh1598

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    Can anyone help me with spring fertizing. What #'s to apply how much you charge for application, etc. Do I have to test every clients yard? Also edging, how do you go about figuring the cost. How do you go about selling edging to your clients etc. TIA Mike
  2. Kent Lawns

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    Generally your Spring applications will include a pre-emergent herbicide which would require you to be certified and licensed to apply.

    As far as the exact analysis, a 19-3-6 50% SCU seesm to be a popular 1st application.
  3. mlh1598

    mlh1598 LawnSite Member
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    Hi KentLawns, what makes one have to have a license to fertilize? Is it that one can fertilize ones own yard, without a license, but if one charges for other yards one has to have a license? And where do I check for the laws on this in Indianapolis Indiana? TIA

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