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  1. Lawn Man 5

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    I live in northeastern ohio and i wondered if it would be alright to use winterizer fertlizer for the first time because i have 2 big bags left. It is 10-16-20 thanks
  2. rodfather

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    Kind of a waster...you're better off with a high N (first number) and a crabgrass preemergent with it. Save what you have...it won't go bad.
  3. Runner

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    It sure WILL go bad! If it hasn't already. Go ahead and use it all up. Moisture can KILL this stuff! As far as the fert. with Pre M in it. Don't even bother as it takes a license to use this. (if your using it on someone elses lawn for hire) I presume by the question, that you aren't licensed, but that's ok, most people aren't. Anuway, the high N would be good, but just think positively, and realize that the 16% Potash and the 20% phos. is going to do it a world of good for this time of year, too. The 16 will give you strong root growth, (help density for the season as this will be the time of root establishment) and the k (20%) will help any new seed from last year to germinate. (Unfortunately, this CAN include weed seed and crabgrass.) This is why I don't put down any Pre M. My first ap is always a blast of fertilizer. Good luck with it! Oh, there are hundreds of answers in the fertilizer forum if you have any questions, also. ;)
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    What is this stuff derived from?

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