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    does anyone have any experience using either of these fertilizers on st. augustine grass

    21-2-10 with 1.15% Atrazine, (50% PSCU, 50% Ammonical Nitrogen) .05 Iron Chelate, .025 Manganese Chelate

    • 8 weeks of continuous feeding
    • High concentration of herbicide

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    21-0-10 with (25% Nitroform, 25% Nutralene, 15% PSCU), .05 Iron Chelate, .025 Manganese Chelate

    • Three months of continuous feeding
    • Low burn potential
    • Enhanced root growth
    • Less water requirement
    • Little growth flush
    • Induced microbial activity
    • Environmentally friendly
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    Those are some blends Howard's sells. These are really just examples if you get with a salesman he can set up what ever blends you want. Some people like those particular blends because the multiple slow-releases in them. If you are a LCO you probably would not use them because they may have too much cost however you can find just one of the slow-releases and it will be very competitively priced. If you are doing maintenance then it may work for you because you will have to make less applications. Good Luck!

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