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I got a bunch of properties to ferlize and want to know what you guy think about fertilizer. I'm probly just going to get it at home cheapo cause i got to get some other stuff as well. they have scotts, vigoro and lesco. i've had good reasults with virogo but i was thinking about trying lesco. what do u guys think??


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I've recently switched back to Scott's (the Turf Builder mostly) after spending a lot of time and money trying about a dozen other types and brands. The results have been good and the customers have been responsive. I never should've messed with a good thing... :)<p>-TGC


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Of course it does!<p>It's so funny, I had a new customer this year that was outside when I came to do the first application. He saw me dumping the Lesco bag into my hopper and commented that he used Lesco last year from Home Depot and that it didn't give good results. He said Lesco wasn't good fertilizer.<p>I told him to shut-up and watch.<p>7 weeks and 2 applications later he has the greenest, thickest lawn on his street.<p>Fertilizer BRANDS are completely and totally meaningless. <p>Analysis, formulation, rate, amount, timing, watering and soil make or break fertilizers.


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I noticed your subtitle was &quot;what is the best granular weed and feed?<br>Lazer is right on the money as far as formulations go but I'm wondering why you want to use a granular weed and feed?<br>My experience is that this can be dangerous unless you are in a field with no ornamental plants or gardens in the area.<br>Broadcasting granular weed killer can also drift into a noncustomers yard causing you to buy a new perennial garden.<br>The safest times to apply weed and feed are before plantings in early spring or after first frost in fall, otherwise I would recommend using fertilizer with spot liquid weed control where necessary.<br>I don't know if you are certified but the classes and literature for certification will help steer you towards I.P.M. Good Luck.<br>


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little green guy,<br>I have had good results wih Scotts, but the price of the Lesco is more attractive.<p>If the customer doesnt plan to water as noted above you should steer them clear of wasting money.


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I agree on using the granular fert. and then getting your self a back pack sprayer and spot treating the weeds. Save your self the time of buying a neighbor new plants. Also emphasize on the watering because when the lawn turns brown they automatically assume it dont work or you burned it...

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