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Due to being extreemly busy, I never had the chance to give the lawn a good feeding before winter. Ok.... maybe I was a little lazy. I enjoy cutting and fertilizing so I'm not sure why it didn't get done. The lawn was looking pretty bad. I went out and bought some Scotts Winterizer. I also bought another brand. I think it was made by Virgo. I used the Scotts in the front and the Virgo in the back. They both showed improvements within 48 hours. They both look better than they did. I would like to get it even greener. Would it hurt to now add Scotts Turf builder? Would it be a waste of money. (not that it's that much) I would like to have the greenist lawn in the area. Please let me know what you think. What brand do you use?

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In the winter time you should only use a fertilizer that is designed for that time of year. The reason is that the nitrogen break down is differant during differant seasons. The grass will not be able to absorb the compounds due to the cold weather.

Be patient :)

Good Luck!


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I've had my Marathon I sod lawn (tall fescue) for only about 6 months, so I'm new at lawn care and can only tell you what has worked for me in my limited experience. I have sandy soil and my lawn gets SW exposure (full-time blasting sun). I first started fertilizing my lawn 3-4 months after planting it, using ScottsWinterizer fertilizer because it was late fall and I could buy it inexpensively at Home Depot. I thought it worked pretty good, but My sprinkler guy recommended Bandini Supergreen for winter fertilization. My lawn was yellowing aboout a month or two after application of the Scotts, so I tried the Bandini Supergreen (Sadly, I had to get it at Green Thumb Nursery because Home Depot doesn't carry it). All I can say is WOW! The stuff must have green dye in it because my lawn greened up in a week or two and a month later it's still green. But I have heard people say that you don't need to fertilize your lawn if you use a mulching mower. My yard care person thinks that mulching mowers cause thatch and are the devil incarnate, though, so I haven't tested this. I am getting my own mower for other reasons and will probably get one with a mulcher just to have the option, if not use it all the time.


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according to the experts mulching replaces only one application of nitrogen per year. my opinion for the home owner wanting to do it themselves is to go with the lesco brand at home depot. if needing weed control go to menards (best deal) and by a gallon of concentrated ortho weed be gone and a hose end sprayer.