Fertilizering and weed killing

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    I would like to know if it is to late in the season to put weed and feed on my lawn? I live in Ohio.

    Or os it to late to use WEED -B-GON? Which would gave you the best results?

    If you was going to reseed your lawn come the end of August would I be making a mistake if I put weed-B-Gon or Weed & Feed on my lawn now?
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    Go ahead with the Weed B Gone. And apply fertilizer separately if you wish. Did you intend to kill lawn and reseed? Or just add more and better seed? (You are going to use better seed this time--right?) Slit seed? Aerate and seed? Power rake and seed? Seed like Derby Xtreme, Manhattan 4, or Palmer 4 would be good choices. Also Scotts Pure Premium. Seed in August when daytime high temp comes down to about 80.
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    I do believe the suggestion is to hire a professional and just GET R DONE. Stop guessing your local pro knows the answers, hire them you will be amazed what can be done on the proper program

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