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  1. John P.

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    I had a guy ask me to do some fertilizing. He wanted greener thicker grass, and he said figure out what it needs and spray or spread the fertilizer. So my question is what are some fertilizers you can spread without a license, if so what are they. What should i be careful of if i was spreading just a Scott's brand turf builder?
  2. James Cormier

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    Can I be the first here guys?, Please, Please!

    John, Why dont you tell the "guy" that there are plenty of legit lawn care companies out there that can help him achieve " greener thicker grass" and he should hire them, instead of just telling you to figure it out.
  3. Turf Tamers

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    Yea good idea, in fact I always recommend one or two guys in my area that are in the fertilizer biz exclusively. They recommend me when they run into customers who need a lawn guy! It works out. All you need to do is a little networking.
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    I support this comment with a loud AMEN!! :blob3:

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