Fertilizing after dethatching Want to be sure

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by griffithtlc, Apr 22, 2004.

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    First I want to mention we are fully licenced and insured.

    We fertilize some townhome associations and when we drove by one of them today, the person who mows it was dethatching the lawn. No big deal but when we looked at the lawn it was cut very short. (the grass is only about 1.5-2 inches at most.) We are going to be fertilizing this property early next week with some 19-0-6 with dimension in it. If the grass is cut that short is there any chance that we may burn the grass with the fertilizer or won't it matter.

    I just wanted to get some other peoples opinions becuase if there is any chance of it we want to make it clear to the association that we either have to let the grass grow some more or if they want it done next week they know we warned them possibly burning the grass and we are not responsible.

    Were in Minnesota, west of the twin cities.

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    Griffithtlc, we usually dont go below 2.5 in. when we dethatch and clean up yards followed by the Dimension crabgrass preventer. With the rain in the twin cities latley you should be fine to fertilize next week with the growth we have had in the past week.
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    We usually stay at 3 inches, but these townhomes hired a different guy to do mowing (they're starting to learn that the lowest price isn't always the best price). He cut it really short and did a half-a$$ed job of dethatching. At least we'll probably get the full acount next year! Thanks for the reassurance, Teff.
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    Teff & griffith -

    Where in the cities do you guys operate? I'm up in the Forest Lake area, but got some connections to properties around the cities that I get calls to bid on once in a while.
  5. griffithtlc

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    Were out of Buffalo. Its about 35 miles west of the twin cities.

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