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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Acres, Sep 30, 2000.

  1. Green Acres

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    I have a customer who wants me to weed and feed her lawn. It's about 9600 sq. ft. and mostly on a slope. I was wondering how much I should charge for something like this? Also I know Scotts has a calender with a 5 step fertilizing program. I was wondering if Lesco's has anything like that and if so where can I find it. Thanks
  2. ant

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    green: what i would do is to stop in the lesco and sit down with the branch manager and explain to him what you wont and what your intentions are and he will set you up with a yearly step program.
    for the weed/feed (if its broadleaf weeds) up here in the north east i would fertilize ,then spray a broadleaf weed killer.
    9600 sf
    lesco 28-5-12/ 50% scu/3% iron (3.6 lbs of product per 1000 sf.= 1 lb of n /1000 sf
    at .22 cents per pound
    cost to treat 1000sf=.79 cents
    9.6 times .79 = $7.58 in matt. to feed 9600 sf.
    broadleaf weed killer
    lesco momentum @82.20 per 2.5 gal
    at .26 cents per oz.
    rate of 1.5 oz per 1000 sf.
    1.5 oz times .26 cents= .39 cents to treat 1000 sf
    9.6 times .39 = $3.74 to treat 9600 sf.

    total cost in matt to weed/feed= $11.32

    green what you need to do is add in your time.

    i would charge 48.00 for that application

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  3. Lazer

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    You can't even BUY information that good anywhere else!
  4. MOW ED

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    All I have to say is - I agreee. I printed it just for future reference.
  5. ant

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    i have good teachers on this forum
  6. jaclawn

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    Very good.

    Just make sure that you do this for each and every product that you use, so that you get an accurate total.

    I will work up a program, on the same idea, figuring out a cost per 1000 for each treatment. I will then average it over the number of treatments, and arrive at my final price for a treatment.

    For a one time treatment, I bill that at the rate for the most expensive product that we use.
  7. jaclawn

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    I forgot to add the Lawnsite standard disclaimer #7. If you are going to be appilying pesticides, you must be licensed.
  8. lawnnut

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    Most standard situations we use
    $3.00 per 1000 plus a $20.00 stop charge.
    or 47 to 50 for that lawn.

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