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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FatherandSon, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. FatherandSon

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    During the year many of our customers ask to have their lawns fertilized and or reseeded. My Son and I only mow and do not get into fertilizing etc at this time. We have been refering our customers to several other LCO's that do this work. My question is should we ask for a percentage of the job? So far we haven't even gotten a thank you and never a lawn referal from them.

    Would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

    Montross Lawn Care
  2. Randy Scott

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    Wow, nice bunch of companies by you. People refer work to me the first thing I say is thank you.

    First thing I would do, try to get involved and geared up towards doing applications. It is a little more involved than mowing but it will yield a better profit margin.

    I guess if these businesses around you don't show any gratitude I would simply tell my customers that I am sorry but at this time you do not have someone that you could refer to them that you would feel comfortable with. When you give a referal you are giving a reflection of your business and if it doesn't work out you may look bad also. People will understand if you simply tell them you don't have someone to refer.

    It's probably not the best option but I sure as hell wouldn't help a bunch of ungrateful competitors, because that's what they are.

    I have other LCO's calling me to do their applications and the only thing their concerned about is me taking away their mowing. I have no intention of taking it away unless the owner expresses dissatisfaction with them and then would have to decide what I will do. :)
  3. LawnLad

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    If you have a relationship with these LCO's, you might ask them to give you referrals for those that are "your area" or for your type of work that they may not handle. Let them know you're referring work to them. The customers may not be telling these guys that they got their name from you.

    If you don't get referrals back from other LCO's, it may because they don't want to refer work that they do themselves. If you can possibly find a company that will be friendly, and noncompetitive, this may be your best bet. Somone who just does lawn apps and seeding will be in a better position to refer you for mowing services only. After all, you won't be a threat to them.
  4. rdln

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    Get this, got out of mowing to just install, refer a local guy never met (being the nice guy that I am) to a customer whose lawn I also sodded, next summer I get a call from old customer complaining about grass condition. She also hired fertilizer company that same year, both LCO and FO say "talk to the guy who laid it" (over a year before).

    After inspection, I see scalping and all around cut too short and full of thatch. Asked her if she
    is watering, she says "No, water too expensive"

    She was good cash customer so I offered to dethatch for nothing if she paid for equip rental
    (BUT still not taking blame)

    Moral: nice guys finish last, but at least they sleep well at night.
  5. KirbysLawn

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    i agree with randy, if you are talking about alot of referrals i would start learning now, get your price figured out, sell them on you doing it before fall, get them scheduled at one time and rent an aerator and do it yourself.

    aeration and fertilizing is very profitable, in most states to do both (starter fert & seed) do not require a license. if not, you may want to work out a price with the lawn guys you are giving these jobs, quote the customer a marked up price, and sub the other guy out, customer pays you and you pay lco. i did that for aeravations for a few years before buying my own, he would prep soil, i would apply seed and fert.
  6. FatherandSon

    FatherandSon LawnSite Member
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    Thanks to all of you for your valuable input and opinions. I think I will look into getting a license and then do my own fertilizing and seeding. Didn't realize that it was so profitable.

    This site is great, especially for us newcomers. Thanks Again
  7. Ramsey's Lawn Care

    Ramsey's Lawn Care LawnSite Member
    from Ky
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    Do it yourself. Find somewhere you can buy your seed wholesale. I get mine at .86 cents a lbs. Then I charge the customer 1.25 a bound. Then charge to spread the seed or lime at the price that you would mow the yard for.

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