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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by SLC LLC, Nov 29, 2007.

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    Hello all. I have been in the green industry for nearing twenty years now, but have gotten serious about it about five years ago. We have a full schedule for mowing and maintenance, and have gotten numerous requests over the past couple of years to get into fertilizing. I abliged - got licensed, etc. Everything I did was granular applications though.

    I am now to a point where I have hired an individual to handle this end of the business for me, and will be expanding and changing our approach. I plan to go to a combination of liquid and granular applications, hoping to work from a truck or flatbed truck for the first few years of transition.

    Does anyone have any advice on places to go to get sprayers/tanks, etc.

    I am also interested in seeing pictures of set-ups that you run if anyone could oblige.

    Thanks so much for all the help - this site is great!!!
  2. Neal Wolbert

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    Hi there,

    My firm has been all liquid for many years. If you want to pm me I'll share how we make it work all year in the Northwest. Our website will give you some basics. www.wolberts.com

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    You can get most if not all your tanks and spreaders at Lesco. As far as set ups, mine is simple, Permagreen magnum , Earthway SS spreader and back pack sprayers. There are some guys on here that have a much more sophisticated(sp) set up, however mine works just fine for me. Good Luck
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    Any recommendations on a manufacturer of tanks/sprayers/etc.? I am pricing this equipment from C&S Turf, Lesco, and also Westheffer Co. Any pros/cons on these companies as far as product, service, availability of parts???
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    Are you looking to just buy a complete rig and set in a truck or are you going to build one yourself? We have done both. There are benifits to both. I have been in Pest Control for 15 years and in the green care for about 2 years and have learned a lot here reading posts. www.gncindustries.com - www.hannay.com - www.ttfabrication.com The last one is a place up the road from me and they do custom work.
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    I was going to suggest click a link to a sponsor like Gregson-Clark sprayers. Couldn't find the link. Tried the online Tradeshow--but not much there. Don't go there, as I could not break out of the "Online Tradeshow". I had to close my browser and start over.
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    T.T.T. please

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