Fertilizing/Weed control Scheduling HELP ?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by SilkyLawns, Oct 1, 2006.

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    I have started a new Lawncare Co. 3 years ago. I previously worked for a lawncare Co. before this but mostly handled all the mowing of the accounts with my Boss doing the spraying or spreading of Chemicals. My question is, And please go into detail, When to spread pre-emergent, fertilize, (and how often), and when to spray for broadleaf, ie- Trimec. also when is it a good time to put down a grub/insect control app. and what kind is best. I live in the central Indiana area close to Indianapolis. Thank you for the help in advance. Rob Curry
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    Just got back from Purdue's lawncare program so I will share what was suggested for Indiana.
    Pre-emergent-2 applications 1 in mid march the other end of May
    broadleaf 2 applications first in mid may second first week october
    fertilizer depends on what customers will pay. 3-4 pounds of N per 1 k square feet per year, you can break this down between 4-6 visits with no more than 1.25 pounds per treatment. best time to fertilize is with two treatments in fall and a couple in the spring.whatever you do make sure to fertilize twice in the fall if nothing else. grub control should be done in july and is the most expensive treatment the customer will pay for.
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    Your county extension office will have good info for your local area. They are familiar with your soils, your turf types, your climate, etc. And they will also have information on licensing requirements.

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