Fertilizing with water soluble Fert.

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by grassmasterswilson, Jul 18, 2013.

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    I'm a grass guy and now wish to get my plantings in order. I had a landscaping company come and install the front beds and I have moved and added some plants to the back.

    In a precious thread my hydrangeas were yellowing and drooping. I applied some osmocote per my father in laws suggestion(he's a flower and plant loving guy). They have perked up now but still a little yellow and he suggested applying jacks water soluble Fert every 2 weeks or so.

    The Fert I have is a general purpose 20-20-20. I am going to apply some to the hydrangeas at 1 scoop per plant. I'm curious if it is ok to apply some to the other plants in my landscape .... Knock outs, black eye Susan's, lillys, rhodos, gardenias, etc.
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    20-20-20 may be applied as a spray past the point of runoff(10-20 gallons) per 1000 and 2 lb per 100 gallons as often as every 7 days. I make an application like this to most ornamental areas every 30 days(palms, perennials, woody shrubs). Annuals and herbaceous plants do like their fertilizer.
  3. In my experIence plants and palms I get fertIlIzed wIth a slow-release granular every 3 months for the most part do not require any kind of liquid fertilizer. If I'm trying to force new growth then yes I believe a liquid is needed. If I'm tryIng to keep the leaves green and flowers bloomIng the the granular does the trick just fine.
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    I take it that granular is something like a palm or nursery blend that is partially slow release and contains micronutrients. Osmocote is supposed to be used within a fertility program consisting of it, a granular micronutrient supplement, and additional soluble complete fertilizers. Used by itself, the response can be lacking.
  5. Exactly. I use 8-2-12 which is the recommended blend for palms here and it works great on ornamentals and ill even use it on smaller lawns. I use osmocote on annuals. I've been fertilizing palms that are heavy feeders every two months such as date palms, foxtails, and coconuts.
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    Are you sure lack of nutrients is the problem?

    Roses are heavy feeders. Black-eyed susans generally don't need or want fertilization. Rhodies (by me) want something like Hollytone, NOT 20-20-20. Maybe they do by you, but I never would.

    As a general rule of thumb, shrubs\perennials do not respond well to water soluble, fast release ferts. They are not turf grass. There are some exceptions such as roses.

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