Fertilizing yards w/o irrigation

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rockandroller, Mar 27, 2006.

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    What do you 'll do about fertilization on larger properties that don't have irrigation? Since most if not all products require a good water-in after application I'm worried that the customer, in this case a Jesuit Guest house, won't take that responsibility on themselves.

    I'm going to put a bid in to maintain the property and hopefully help renovate a deteriorating lawn. Thus, I'm going to offer in the bid a fert program. All of my other accounts are residential and smaller in size, or have irrigation so I can take on the watering myself and charge for my time. This however is a significantly larger property which I do not want to water, and definately don't want to be responsible for burning up their grass! What do you do in situations like this? Any help or input here would be nice.

    Thanks in advance
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    well mother nature WILL water it in eventually... Some of these "special" properties you kinda have to plan your apps around the forecast for rain. The most important to get watered in is the preemergent. I actually got out last week and did several of my non-irrigated lawns just before the rain and skift of snow we received. We got about 1 1/4" of moisture so I know it's al watered in really well!

    As for the other apps, as long as you aren't bagging the grass (so you don't go sucking up your fert) it will be fine. Dry fert laying on dry soil isn't going to "burn" the grass. Actually, as long as you don't over apply it, the fertilizer SHOULD help make the roots and plants stronger to survive the drought stresses better.
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    Thank you for a spot on reply!

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