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    I live in central Jersey where we prominently have rye, fescue, and bluegrass. One of my new customers has a bunch of zoysia scattered all through the lawn. Any recommendations on a fertilizer blend that would be good for this type of lawn would be greatly appreciated. I currently offer a six step fertilizer program.
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    28-3-10 50% slow release 3/4lb N per 1000 watch for brown patch and rust in the Spring and Fall

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    Thank you for the response. Is there a certain time of the year that I should but that fert. down?
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    Do you mean your snow is not very deep? Not 8 inches like here?

    Zoysia will not green up until temps are rather warm--fert will not substitute for warmth. You need daytime highs of (I would estimate) about 65 degrees.

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    No snow here...not yet anyway. I was asking for this coming season. I've just never dealt with a lawn with this much zoysia before.
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    The Zoysia is a warm season turf (C-4) and has different requirements than the cool season grasses (C-3) we mostly have in NJ.

    My timing suggestion (speaking from experence) is wait until it greens up (wakes up) before first app. Apply 1 lb N (use a 3-1-2 ratio fert) monthly (every 28-30 days) until Late August. Then stop fert apps on the Zoysia......Let it go dormant.

    If you follow this advise, you will be amazed how GREAT it will perform.

    Wish it would stay green until Nov Late......We would use it a LOT more here :)

    Pete D.
  7. ted putnam

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    About 20% of my lawns here are zoysia. Mostly Meyer and Z-52. We do not fertilize our zoysias with a full lb of N because it tends to breed fungus. That's why I said 3/4 pound N 50% slow release. I'm sure our climates are much different though. We have very high humidity and late afternoon thundershowers 2-3 times a week until July. Overfertility reaks havock in our climate. Fungicides are extremely expensive and trying too hard with "a little extra fert" can blow your chemical budget out of proportion in a hurry. If you use a 50% slow release, you should be able to treat about every 7-8 weeks. 3 apps of dry fert during the growing season will be sufficient.

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