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  1. isl-quest

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    We have recently bought this business and was told to do the winter feed fertilizer come December (By the previous owner). I went to purchase the fertilizer today and the nursery told me that it is far to late in the season to do it. Something about the soil or grass being asleep already. Can anyone tell me when the best time to do the fertilizing is. Take into consideration that we are on Vancouver Island, BC
  2. Pro-lawns

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    you Have to take in consideration of when the grass goes dorment for the year i do mine late october thru mod november
  3. daveintoledo

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    when you take the test to become licenced to spread fert, are you licenced?....im pretty shure you need to be in b.c.

    you will learn what and when to apply.....
  4. Reliable Lawns

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    Yes, get educated, I do my winter feed in Late Oct and Nov also. You may have to wait and do the pre-emerge in approx March. But check with your county extension office in your area. Good Luck
  5. Bengo

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    Here in Wisconsin, the last cutting is typically done, depending on the weather that year,sometime toward the later part of October. This is when i apply my winterizer treatments. The potassium( carbohydrates) will still be garnered by the roots for at least 3 weeks, giving you a strengthened root system for the winter, and an earl green up in the spring.
  6. bohiaa

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    In Texas We have had a very dry and warm winter. It has NOT rained here in 2 months.

    Our grass is still green.....

    But ruel of thumb...We do it 3 x a year. before durring and after

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